Kandi Comer at Old Trail Golf Little League Team

There is no better place to start learning the game or playing competitive golf than with Kandi Comer. Not only do young golfers have the opportunity to compete in friendly competition but they also have the opportunity to receive consistent professional coaching from Kandi Comer.


When golfing with Kandi Comer one could only imagine how much their golf game will improve. Those that join our Little League Golf Team will have the opportunity to bring their golf game to a different level.


There is no better time to start golf than at a young age. At a young age is when golfers excel the fastest.  No matter what the skill level your child is at the little league system will give your child a skill that they can use the rest of their life.


There is something special about golf that brings people together to form strong and lasting relationships. Through friendly competition and consistent progression in golf our youth will not only become better golfers but better friends as well.

Contact Kandi Cromer

For more information contact Kandi Comer at

  • 434-531-8650
  • email: kandi@kandicomergolf.com
  • Visit her website www.kandicomergolf.com to learn more about Junior Programs.